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Merry Christmas!

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Dear friends of St. George Church, Christ is Born! Glorify Him! We here at St. George Church of Prescott wish every good thing for you and your loved ones this Nativity. If you are traveling, travel safely by God’s grace. If you are with loved ones, cherish and savor the time together. Keep the day in high festival! Celebrate the mystery of our faith with gladness, thanksgiving and joy! Join us on Christmas Eve for the Divine Liturgy at 10 am, or even  [Read more...]

Calculating Christmas

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William J. Tighe on the Story Behind December 25 In this, one of my favorite articles, William Tighe explodes the notion we were all taught in public school about the ‘Christianization’ of a pagan festival for the date of Christmas. He uses historical fact to prove his point, and has thereby offered all Christians that most precious of all jewels – the truth, regarding the Church’s celebration on Dec. 25th. Enjoy! Many Christians think that Christians celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25th because  [Read more...]

Christmas Encyclical 2011

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of His Eminence, Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco “That we may receive the King of all…” Dearly beloved, At virtually every Divine Liturgy, we hear these words from the Cherubic Hymn. With the Christmas Season and the glorious celebration of the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ upon us, this short phrase becomes even more meaningful. Christ comes to us a newborn child and we receive Him as Immanuel, “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). Christ appears to us in the darkness of  [Read more...]

Christians Should Share Their Faith At Christmas

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Originally entitled “Atheists and Christmas” by Stephanie Samuel, Christian Post In a newly released Christmas guide, atheists recount stories of traditional Christmas celebrations despite secular leaders’ belief that non-believers should steer clear of the Dec. 25th holiday. The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas features 42 celebrity freethinkers in the United States and Europe who open up and discuss a topic seldom associated to their ilk – celebrating Christmas. The book, a compilation of several essays and short stories, reveals that atheists maintain traditions and  [Read more...]

Sunday, November 13th is “Foretaste of Christmas” Sunday

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This Sunday we will be celebrating the final Sunday before Advent/Nativity Fast, and we have dubbed it the “Foretaste of Christmas” Sunday. At our normal Fellowship hour following the Divine Liturgy, we will be enjoying our favorite holiday foods, treats and confections. Instead of the normal potluck luncheon, we are asking everyone to bring their favorite Christmas foods, cookies, punch, egg nog, meats, sweets and treats! And bring plenty so that no one may go away hungry! Then, following our fellowship celebration, we  [Read more...]

Christmas Encyclical 2010

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The Christmas Encyclical of his eminence, Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco “I too will proclaim the greatness of this day: the immaterial becomes incarnate, the Word is made flesh, the invisible makes itself seen, the intangible can be touched, the timeless has a beginning, the Son of God becomes the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, always the same, yesterday, today and for ever.” St. Gregory the Theologian, Oration 38, For Christmas Dearly Beloved in the Lord, Amid all the holiday cheer, the decorations,  [Read more...]

Christmastide Greetings!

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Merry Christmas to all our website visitors and viewers! We here at St. George Church wish you the best, brightest,most hope filled Nativity ever. Please join us for our annual Christmas Eve service, 6 pm on Dec. 24th Our Christmas Eve service begins at 6pm with the baptismal service, followed directly by the Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. As a little bonus, here is the Christmas Sermon of the great St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople. Our father among the saints  [Read more...]

In Defense Of The Christmas Tree

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by Fr. Daniel Daly Several years ago during the Christmas season, a religious program on television caught my attention. The program featured a discussion on the dangers of cults, especially to young people. I found myself agreeing with the panelists as they warned young people about the hazards of involvement in occult or “new age” spirituality. During the interview, however, one participant made a statement that shocked me. “…and the Christmas tree is pagan too…,” he asserted. The Christmas Tree? Pagan? Could it  [Read more...]

The Christmas Tree and Orthodox Tradition

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By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos For more on the specific Christian origins of the Christmas Tree, see our article, In Defense of the Christmas Tree. I suspect that the custom of decorating a tree at Christmas time is not simply a custom which came to us from the West and which we should replace with other more Orthodox customs. To be sure, I have not gone into the history of the Christmas tree and where it originated, but I think that it  [Read more...]

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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by Fr. Hans Jacobse What happens when we try to secularize Christmas, and why Orthodox Christians need to remain faithful to their traditions. In the Christian tradition of both east and west, the twelve days of Christmas refer to the period from Christmas Day to Theophany. The days leading up to Christmas were for preparation; a practice affirmed in the Orthodox tradition by the Christmas fast that runs from November 15 to Christmas day. The celebration of Christmas did not begin until the  [Read more...]

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