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12 Days of Christmas – Mystery & Meaning

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An encore of our “12 Days of Christmas: Mystery & Meaning” Course last year. The 12 Days of Christmas has been a Christmas favorite for hundreds of years, even spawning many comical parodies, all in good fun. This class will present evidence that the well-loved, but completely non-sensical Christmas Carol “The 12 Days of Christmas” may not be nonsensical at all, but may actually recount a pilgrims journey taking a pilgrimage from England to the Holy Land. Don’t miss it! Information covered includes  [Read more...]

The Image Explained

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What does this inscription mean? Of course most Orthodox people know, IC XC NIKA means “Jesus Christ Conquers”. Sin Bozhie = Son of God. Tsar Slavie = King of Glory. K T = Kopie and Trost, which means “Spear and Reed” M L R B = Mesto Lobnoye Raj Byst’, which means “The place of the skull became paradise.” G A = Golova Adam, which means “The Head (or Skull) of Adam”.   With a special thank you to Fr. John Whiteford’s blog,  [Read more...]