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Passover to Pascha

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by William J. Tighe On the Origins of the Primary Feast of the Christian Church, from the man who brought us the stellar article, Calculating Christmas. For all Christians today who observe a “liturgical year,” the high point of that year is the annual commemoration of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection at the end of Holy Week. Good Friday recalls to the faithful the Lord’s suffering and death, and in most Christian traditions is a day of ascetical practices, particularly fasting. Holy Saturday  [Read more...]

Calculating Christmas

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William J. Tighe on the Story Behind December 25 In this, one of my favorite articles, William Tighe explodes the notion we were all taught in public school about the ‘Christianization’ of a pagan festival for the date of Christmas. He uses historical fact to prove his point, and has thereby offered all Christians that most precious of all jewels – the truth, regarding the Church’s celebration on Dec. 25th. Enjoy! Many Christians think that Christians celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25th because  [Read more...]